to offer Online Classes in 2009

Posted by Administrator (admin) on May 23 2008
journal entry >> announcements, a leading provider of Virginia State Mechanical Code review classes, will begin offering online classes early in 2009 and expand it's offerings to include the Plumbing and Electrical codes.  Sails Digital is already at work building an online coursework and testing platform to comply with Virginia State Regulations.

The customer set down several requirements for the online course delivery solution:

  • The software used must be secure from prying outsiders and insiders alike.
  • The registration process must gather sufficient data to establish identity of the student.
  • The software must allow for different courses to present the code review material and integrate in-line material review.
  • The software must allow for a graded final exam.
  • The software must accept payment for the course online.

After careful consideration, we determined that all online courses will be built on the proven Moodle open source courseware framework.  This framework allows us to meet the customers requirements as well as 'future-proof' the Code Update learning portal against future requirements.

We will integrate the software with the customer's existing presentations, documentation, and evaluations as well as design a custom look and feel with which to 'skin' the site.  PayPal has been selected as the payment processor for the site, and Moodle makes integration with PayPal's Website Payments Pro easy.

We are looking forward to the challenges that this online learning site will provide.  In addition to the professional challenges that it brings in construction, when finished, it will provide small and medium sized contracting companies, especially those in less urban areas of the state, a much needed tool in the box of professional certifications needed to keep Virginia watered, powered, heated, and cooled.

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By Unknown on Jun 24 2008 at 12:11 AM
Sounds like a great website! The guy writng the courses must be very smart and goodlooking!

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