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The Website Baker project is our content management system (CMS) of choice for small to medium sized sites. We feel that this project offers the right amount of flexibility combined with an ease of use that is second to none. As most of our work is done in WB, we have experience in extending the framework to meet our clients' needs.  It is these add-ons, listed below, that we release into the community.

We're also very excited about a promising new CMS called MODx.  While we've yet to do much serious design work with the package, it looks to be an incredibly flexible solution for the future.

add ons for website baker, released to the community

4 Text Fields - v1.3.1
Have you ever needed a module a little more formatted than the WYSIWYG editor but a little less defined than some of the other modules out there? Try this great multi-purpose module on for size! module page
This module grew out of a specialized need to have an easy-to-update menu for a few restaurant clients.  It features the standard add, edit, delete, and ordering features of WB modules.  I'm finalizing this one for prime time, should be posted here soon!
This module is very similar to the above menu module.  It should also be posted soon!