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CodeUpdate2.0 Use Cases

This entry will describe the use cases developed for the site.

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I am in the process of diagramming out the new  This will be my first project based on a framework, and I have chosen Symfony for that task.  I chose it becauase it seemed to be in the top 1-2 of a lot of developers out there and, with some further reading, I believe it can meet all the goals I have set out for it.

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Welcome to the Bionic Age

Take a look at these two inventions:

With tools such as these, we can interact with our environment in ways never dreamed of.

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Mischief or Malicious Act?

A friend of mine recently pointed out this article to me...why haven't we all heard about this already?

Slashdot discussion here:

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Keeping Your Data Close at Hand

When life handed this enterprising young man lemons, he made a prosthetic thumb drive!

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Train Thief Takes Joyride

I'm a big fan of trains and so I try and keep abreast of train related information on the web.  Thought I had seen it all...

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Coolest Error Page Ever

While browsing iStockPhoto for images for a project, I apparently made the cartoon octopus angry!

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The Circle (well, tube) of Life

From CNN... "The man who designed the Pringles potato chip packaging system was so proud of his accomplishment that a portion of his ashes has been buried in one of the iconic cans."  'Nuff Said

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A Font Good Enought to Eat

If you like art that you can eat, check this out...

Pretzel Font...

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The Move

So we officially moved into the new house, still on the Eastern Shore, in January.  In this house, Sails Digital has an official office, almost 200 square feet which to call home.  This should translate into a better, more productive work habit, but, thus far, (monumental time) commitments with work have precluded a smooth transition to more Sails Digital.

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10 (well, 17 now) Years of Photoshop

This article, which I came across one evening, describes the birth and adolescence of Adobe's Photoshop. Even though I don't use Photoshop much in my work (I prefer Macromedia's Adobe's Fireworks), I got a chuckle out of looking at the softwares humble beginnings, way back in 1990. The article comes out of PEI magazine, now out of print, from their Feb 2000 issue.

The Birth of a Killer Application: 10 Years of Photoshop

Seen on Design by Fire

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