identity design

How will others see your company? Sails Digital believes that every business should have an attractive and functional web presence. We will work with you through every step of the project to make sure your needs are met.

what we do

logo and style
Whether you have ideas or don't know where to start, we can come up with a logo and style to suit your brand. The process generally starts with you putting down some ideas on colors, fonts, and graphical elements as well as compiling sites and logos of other companies that you like. We'll take that info, churn away, and produce some samples for you to review. We've found that it takes about three reviews to make it perfect, although that isn't a fixed number. Don't worry if it takes more; we'll never limit your ablity to review and refine your logo and style!
web presence design
Sails Digital will take your new or existing logo and style and transform it into an attractive and usable web presence. The technologies used will conform to all applicable standards. For the benefits of standards based design, see below. For samples of our work, look to the right.
registration and hosting
Take the headache out of getting set up digitally! Sails Digital will register your domain name(s), set up web hosting, and configure both. Of course, we work with your existing providers, too.
Through partnerships with local businesses, Sails Digital can help you get your identity in print with business cards, letterhead, forms, and signage. If you're not local, we can work with suppliers in your area to have it printed for you or print it here and mail it to you.

benefits of standards based design

Sites designed using a standards based blend of css and html tend to be smaller, since there are less tables and spacer graphics cluttering up the site.
Since the sites are smaller, they will load faster. The difference is especially noticable for users with slower connections to the Internet. If you expect your site to have a significant proportion of users with dial up connections or users in other countries where the connection might be slower, this is especially important.
Because there are no spacer images, needless tables, or countless other items that have found their way into bloated sites over the years, persons using screen readers or alternative browsers and stylesheets will have no trouble understanding and navigating your site.
ease of updating
The look and feel of your site is separate from the content. Changing all of the headlines to green for St. Patrick's Day takes a few keystrokes and even fewer clicks.
ease of maintenance
Sites that separate presentation from content are easier to maintain. Ease of maintenance translates to...
lower cost.