about us

Sails Digital is a small (one person) Digital Media Consulting company located in Stevensville, Maryland serving the greater Baltimore - Washington - Annapolis region. Digital Media Consulting produces results for the small business that needs a technological presence. We specialize in assisting small- to medium-sized businesses gain control over their presence on the digital landscape. From websites to email to small office networks, allow us to set you moving in the right direction.


We believe in creating attractive, usable solutions that conform to all applicable standards. We will work with you, through however many revisions the process may take, until you are happy with the final result.

who is this we you keep talking about?

Sails Digital is run out of a spare bedroom by me, Remi, since 2004. I have no idea where I'll work when the kids start coming, but for now, my desk is safe. I have been creating websites for organizations in which I have been involved since 1995. Since 1999 I have been working on Windows, Linux, and Cisco based networks. I enjoy the design aspects of web development as well as the technical challenges of designing and configuring a network. To me, a successful project is one that makes the client's life more simple as well as enriches their business.